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Being a mom has been the biggest blessing in my life, but man can it ever get overwhelming! Michelle taught me that we can be in control of our nervous system regulation and anxiety is a pattern that we can interrupt! It was so empowering to spend time dedicated ME to reflect on what generates my anxiety and triggers. Michelle taught me practical strategies to help break the anxiety cycle...and I will continue to practice using them! 


Certified Life Coach and Change Worker

Michelle holds such beautiful space for clients! She is an excellent listener and she helped me pull a very potent thread of change work out of a pile of unwieldy concerns I presented to her about my challenges of holding space for others. I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and she invited me back to my own inner knowing again and again, inviting me to trust myself in new places as I am growing my capacity as a business owner and a coach. I felt held and energized in the session, and left with more self-trust and groundedness, knowing exactly how to take care of myself both this afternoon, and in the future with my next sessions. Thank you for your work, Michelle!


I have been coaching with Michelle for a little over a year now, but there were noticeable changes very early on! Her compassion, intuition, and her ability to listen and connect with what she is hearing make her a super sharp and efficient coach! She has the ability to get right to the heart of the matter, swiftly, but gently.

She sees right through all the barriers our own minds make. Whenever I have felt like an issue is big and complicated, she would bring everything right back into focus, and show me that it's actually much more simple.

One thing that I deeply value about Michelle is her ability to connect with people. When I speak with her, I know she is understanding me 100%, and I know she "gets" me. 

I have had experiences in the past where the person who is trying to help (in counseling or therapy) just doesn't quite seem to understand where I'm at mentally, even when I try to further explain and help them understand. As well-meaning as they were, it made me feel even further isolated, and I believed there must be something very wrong with me. I felt like there was no help for me, because people didn't seem to understand the depth of what I was going through.

Michelle knew right away the mental battle I was experiencing, and she knew exactly how to approach it. She met me right where I was at, and guided me out of it. It still brings tears to my eyes to think of the relief I felt knowing that I wasn't alone, that someone DID understand me, and that I was going to be ok.

Even when I would spiral out again, or fall back into a pattern, she ALWAYS approached with compassion, patience, and so much genuine love and care. 

I'm so happy to be able to say, my life is unrecognizable in the best way! I have learned to have compassion for myself as I continue to work and grow.  I understand myself in such a different way now. I have changed some of the negative core beliefs I had about myself, and I find myself having so many more positive thoughts. In fact, I recently found myself thinking, " I love my life!". I never imagined I could feel so happy and whole! 

My good relationships keep getting better, and my difficult relationships are getting easier. I quit a job I hated, and started my own business. I'm back in school, training for a career that I'm truly excited about! I have gratitude in my heart, and peace in my mind.  This past year of coaching has been filled with epiphanies and revelations! Its real work, but the reward for sticking with it is priceless!

I'm now at a place in my mind where I no longer feel like I'm dealing with a big, complicated mess. Things feel manageable, and I'm now happily ironing out whatever little wrinkles come up. I now have the skills (and the practice) to navigate turbulent moments in my life.

 I have come such a long way since I started coaching with Michelle, and I'm still an eager student of this work!

Simone K.

My favorite part was Michelle herself. The way she shows up and her personality and relatability.

My biggest transformation was how much more in tune I got when anxiety would come up and then having tools available to regulate in the moment rather than just feeling helpless about it. As well as the gradual decrease I got in general anxiety by doing the “homework” consistently which also helped me remember the regulating tools in the times my anxiety and mind took over.

What surprised me the most is was the various different ways and approaches Michelle has to work with each individual, incorporating various different modalities and not just being stuck on one technique and belief.

I would recommend Michelle to anybody struggling with anxiety that is ready to make changes actively and wants to learn about the nervous system and how it works as well as get plenty of different ways you can learn to regulate your system so you can figure out which works best for you.


I started my coaching session with Michelle 6 months ago. I was at rock bottom, I mean the real emotional bottom: sabotaging my marriage and complaining to friends, family and anyone that had an ear.

Fast forward to all the work I did and I'm still dedicated to do, six months later, my life has changed 180 degree. I'm happy, I've changed my thoughts about my relationships not only with others but with myself. I have found self-love again like I had as a child. I've change my old from unserving beliefs to beliefs that serve me. I have tools to live a purposeful life. I've also improved my marriage which if I didn't seek out help from Michelle, it would have been over. I am forever grateful!

Thanks Michelle for your teaching that I am no longer the woman who was hiding behind my all limiting beliefs.

Dr. Elizabeth Levitin

Michelle is such an intuitive & magical coach. The way she was able to hold space for me was so powerful. I felt so seen, heard, and loved. She sees me in all of who I am, in all of my power, in all of my bigness and that in itself was so healing. Thank you so much for our work together! 


I just wanted to say how amazing these past two weeks have been in Joyful Living, all the information you have provided has been so impactful in my life.

I’m proud to say I have noticed a lot of changes in myself since the first zoom meeting i got to sit in on and after mapping my autonomic nervous system its amazing to see how far I’ve moved up my ladder. Your advice and guidance have moved mountains that I used to never think were possible, but now I’m excited to work through situations because that end feeling of peace is so gratifying.

So thank you times a million for the work you do, I am very blessed to be on this journey and I cannot wait to dig more into everything as time goes on.


I enrolled in Michelle's Joyful Living course to learn more about somatic and how to get into the body. What happened was that I learned a whole lot about ME. I mean, I knew I would, but the way the information was presented, the way Michelle generously shared her stories and the supporting content she provided all made this experience far more touching than I expected.

Michelle has a gentle way of presenting information and creating space for you to absorb fully or dip your toe in. Either way, you are held and supported in her container.

Everything presented was valuable and worthwhile - so much so, in fact, that an entire course could be given on one week's worth of teaching. I appreciated receiving the replays, the supporting documents and Michelle's regular checking in to see how we were doing. This container is a great place to feel loved!


"I felt so out of control in my life. There were goals I had, and things I wanted, but it always seemed like I took 3 steps forward and then 4 steps back. This happened for years and years. I was frustrated, disappointed and had given up so many times - I thought maybe I wasn’t good enough to get what I wanted. Maybe I was dreaming too big? Maybe there was something wrong with me?  But then I met Michelle and she changed my life, my perspective, everything. Through her guidance and coaching over the last two months, (just two months!!)

I’ve managed to overcome several barriers that I had been struggling with for years and years before I met her!  Now when I take 3 steps forward, she helps me take that last step and find the way forward. I’m in a state of constantly growing and achieving things I only dreamed about before!!! I feel energized, with a new sense of purpose! She helps me believe and feel safe to achieve so much! She has a  fully holistic approach, which is the way real growth and long-term progress happens.

It’s been such an incredible experience to work one-on-one with her and in a group setting, that I decided through the process to become a life coach myself. I’m so excited to join her mentorship program and cannot wait to learn from her over the next few months. Michelle inspires me -she’s got this wonderfully positive energy that lights up the room. She is kind and doesn’t judge, you can open up to her about anything. She accelerates your learning and growth so you can achieve goals you’ve always wanted. She’s an incredible person!!! I

If you ever feel stuck, out of control in your life, or wanting to achieve more, please contact her! Invest in yourself with her- you’re worth it and you can do it!”

Dr. Kathy Casey, DACM, L.Ac., CHt.

DEFINITELY CHOOSE MICHELLE as your coach, guide and navigator!

I had been walking along the path of distraction and anxiety for months, worried about making new choices and expanding the direction for my practice. An utter lack of self-trust along with a feeling of being an overwhelmed imposter had me stuck and dithering and I was tired.

Michelle met me right where I was standing with her gentle assurances and encouraging conversational tone. I immediately told her about all my problems and she gently pointed out that these were not, in fact, problems, but data points along the decision making process.


Michelle Williams gave me the opportunity to reframe and reconsider the stories in my head about “needing permission” as well as the ability to change the view of situations I had been identifying as “problems.” Frankly, I wasn’t even aware those points of view were still running my decisions. Immediately I relaxed and set aside the anxiety of “suppose and what if” that had been blocking me. And now I am creating new offers, and new workshops and started writing my book that had been percolating in my heart for years.

Imagine that.

The power of a good coach, guide, and navigator along the Path!!!

DEFINITELY CHOOSE MICHELLE WILLIAMS and celebrate your manifesting dreams!!