Together Women Rising

An invitation to 3-day retreat where you will be honoured, held and nourish

We all have a light within us that is unique and shines in it's own spectacular way

The problem is over the course of our lives, we’ve dimmed it to accommodate the needs of others, whether it’s being loved on the condition that we don’t ‘outshine’ another, or because we’ve developed the belief that if we are seen, harm will fall on us. Or perhaps, you’ve been so busy caring for the needs of others, there has been no time for you to tend to your own light.

Often we get caught up in the busyness of our own lives and we are dulled and dimmed by the daily to do list, the weight of the obligations and responsibilities we feel bound to.

  • The school lunches
  • The driving to and from activities
  • Making dinner
  • Laundry
  • Paying bills
  • Planning vacations, weekend outings, birthday parties, holidays….

We ignore our ideas, the nudges, the hits of inspiration and after awhile we begin to get very irritable and frustrated. We feel resentful and snap at our loved ones and then feel guilt for not being more present, loving and grateful for what we do have.

Our bodies become tense and even sleeping is uncomfortable. 

When you go to bed, you are exhausted and can’t believe that it’s already Friday. 

The anxiety creeps in. Time is passing too quickly, even though some days feel looooong.

If only….. If only I had more time in a day, I could work on that idea I have.

The list of ‘If onlys’ is long.

You are too tired to get creative and too wired to relax.

The life you’ve created is mostly good, but it’s missing a few things but maybe you’re afraid to ask for it. Maybe it would be dreaming too big or asking too much.

You want more joy, more beauty, more sparkle, more connection, more meaning, more purpose. 

Here's the thing, it is possible to have it ALL

You just need the  S P A C E, support and energy to intentionally tap into your inner wisdom and to know what the next step to take is.  

This is exactly why we have created Together Women Rising and you are personally invited. This is a small, exclusive gathering of women who want to practice honouring themselves and doing what feels aligned and good.

This retreat is designed to help you cultivate the deep self-connection that sparks profound inspired action. 

So, we would like to invite you to join us in this 3 day retreat where you will be honored, held and nourished.

As you settle into your truth, surrounded by the ocean and clear skies of Cortes, your sense of who you are and why you are here will expand and clarify.

The daily transformational coaching sessions will further expand your mind and concept of who you are and open your eyes wider to the support and love that surrounds you.

Through deep thought work, energy work, magical visualizations, ceremony, and sound therapy you’ll gently release all you’ve outgrown that no longer serves you and begin to feel more fully into who you’re becoming.

You will have clarity to make decisions you’ve been struggling making. 

You will have the courage to take the steps toward your vision.

And with surprising ease, you will claim more time, space and resources for yourself.

Once you have unlocked your light, you will go on to create relationships, work, and a life in which you are free to flow and grow.

What's included in this retreat? 


  • Transportation to and from Courtney to Cortes.
  • Every breakfast, lunch and dinner. All fresh, organic, delicious and accommodating to your dietary restrictions.
  • Daily coaching sessions: Learn how to use thought work to create the results you desire and learn how to regulate your nervous system so that you can keep your cool when shit goes sideways.
  • Full moon ceremony to release old ways of being that no longer serve you.
  • Breathwork: You will walk away knowing how to do and implement breathwork into your daily life.
  • Energetic body clean up: To unclog the gunk in your energy field. This will clean up your energetic field so that your manifestations come faster.
  • Meditation experiences with sound bowls: This will help to ease any physical and emotional pain. The sound waves penetrate deeply into your cells to unblock and release stagnant energy and create the spaciousness required for healing and exceptional health.
  • 60 minute Aromatherapy touch massage with crystals: Relax and release all the stored tension in your body.
  • Spiritual Flower bath: Cleanses your chakras, energizes your aura, leaves you feeling more present and in a positive state of mind. 
  • Beginner-friendly, body-and-soul nurturing yoga sessions.
  • Cacao ceremony on last night: Open the portals of the heart to hear the whisperings of your soul.
  • An abundance of presents and surprises! Be prepared to be treated like the queen you are!
  • The sleeping space is shared and you will have your own bed.
  • There are 5 queen beds and 2 single beds. And the first to sign up will receive the queen beds.
  • There is a cedar, wood fired hot tub for you to rest and relax in.

Join us in this 3 day retreat and  with the support of the collective you will learn powerful techniques and processes intentionally designed to release the resistance that’s been holding you back. 

  • You will be immersed in the spaciousness required for deep self-reflection, the ultimate first class experience of being cared for and nourished.
  • You will be given the spaciousness and tools required to release old soul patterns, contracts and past lives.
  • When we release old stories that have been playing out in our lives we begin to unwind the threads that have kept us bound to a life of limitations. This is your opportunity to be fully taken care of. Where you don’t have to do anything but show up for yourself.
  • The space has been created so that you can hear yourself think and gain clarity on your desires and dharma.  Your desires point you in the direction of your dharma.

By the end of your time on Cortes, you will have a crystal clear vision, a road map of your destiny and the tools to get you there.

The dates: TBD

The investment is: TBD

Retreat facility at a glance!

Meet Your Hosts

Michelle Williams

life coach

Michelle Williams is a certified life coach with experience in plant spirit medicine integration, A Course in Miracles, and Gabor Mate’s, Compassionate Inquiry training.
Her holistic and intuitive approach brings clarity, direction, positive support, and life changing results for her clients. She helps women to clarify their purpose and take control of their life so that they can live joyfully.

Candice Strussi

life coach

Candice is a Life Coach dedicated to help woman heal and live a life on purpose. 

Have you ever felt stuck in life decide your best efforts? That was Candice at a point in her life. She tried counselling, every self help book she could find. Nothing was working. She would wake up feeling helpless. She turned to a coach and plant medicine and with the work her life began. She awoke. She is now dedicated to help other woman do the deep healing and live a life on purpose.