Wisdom of Rose

This is your invitation to join me in a 7 day immersion into the wisdom of Rose.

The opportunity to allow yourself to gently unfold and receive the teachings and love of this plant.

Her teachings are sacred and divine and will unlock the portals of the heart, bringing more LOVE and awareness into this world through YOU.

I spent 3 months dieting this beautiful flower and only received a fraction of her wisdom, but what I received unlocked the deepest love within me. It opened me to the unconditional love that exists and resides for and in each and everyone of us.

The investment is only $6

We will learn the symbolism of the Rose, her spiritual significance throughout history, the mystic rose, and the sisterhood of the rose.

But more than that, we will embody her through opening sacred space, creating an altar, through a rose meditation, drinking her, bathing in her, and other magical ways to invite her into our life.

Together we will enter the sisterhood of the rose and forever be connected through this experience. 

We will gather 3 times (virtually) to learn, experience and just be with each other.

Together we will unfold to receive with abundance the wisdom of Rose and the wisdom and love that is deep within you.

We begin February 14th.

Below is the entrance to the portal to begin this journey.

Hi, I'm Michelle

The creator of Joyful Living, a 3-month coaching program where you clarify your purpose, connect in community and take control of your life.