Humans have two main drives

Attachment and Authenticity.

Authenticity is our true self. Think way back to when you were a young child. Pure, innocent and filled with love and curiosity. It is also our gut instincts.

Infants and children are dependant on ATTACHMENT. Without it we would not survive. 

When we perceive that our attachments are threatened by being who we are (expressing ourselves, sharing our ideas and opinions, or listening and trusting our gut instincts), we are quick to SUPPRESS our AUTHENTICITY and IGNORE our GUT FEELINGS/INSTINCTS.

This is why as adults we suffer from anxiety, depression and addictions. This is also why we don’t trust ourselves or listen to our gut. We are terrified to show up as ourselves in relationships for fear of losing them. 
Instead we people please and be who we think the other person/people want us to be – at the expense of ourselves.

We are then left feeling hollow, lost, with no clue what our true desires or interests are. We are so disconnected from our feelings that we feel ‘numb’.

We are also scared that if the other found out who we really are, they would leave.
This is also why we find ourselves in dangerous situations or unhealthy, abusive relationships – by not trusting our gut feelings about a situation or a person.

The good news, this can be healed. There is a way to reconnect with your true-self. To learn to trust yourself and your gut instincts. To live more fully and with more joy.

If any of this resonates with you, reach out to me, I can help get you there. 

Michelle Williams