Why the heck would you want a personalized map of your autonomic nervous system?

A couple of weeks ago I taught a class giving an overview on trauma and the nervous system.

There was so much positive feedback and many of you told me you wanted to learn more and go deeper with this work.

I love granting wishes, so I’m inviting you to a class where you will draw a map (no experience in cartography, anatomy or artistic talent required) of your unique system. 

Why the heck would you want a personalized map of your autonomic nervous system?

Because much like a road map, when you know where you are and have a map to where you are going, it feels much safer, predictable and reliable. You have clear directions on how to get to where you want to go. In this case, the destination is feeling better and more in control of your life instead of feeling controlled by life.

You will also learn a few of my favorite regulation techniques that can bring about instantaneous feelings of safety, calm, peace and confidence to make decisions.

Do you know that the inability to make decisions has a lot to do with a dysregulated nervous system? 

When I found that out and learned how to handle indecisiveness with regulation, I started to make shit happen. There was no stopping me. My new super power became making decisions. I became so bloody good at it that people started asking me to make decisions for them. Instead, I just started teaching them how to do it for themselves, because that will always get you the best result.

If you missed the first class, don’t worry! You can  catch it here .  The first one is great to get more of an understanding on trauma, why we become dysregulated and experience anxiety, depression, overwhelm, etc. 

But it’s not necessary to get what will be taught on this masterclass.


You will receive the class materials once you register.