It's time to make constant worry, guilt and self sabotage a thing of the past. The life you're meant to live is just one joyful step away.


Joyful Living

A 3-month journey to help you transform anxiety, negative self-talk and internal chaos into unshakeable confidence, certainty in oneself and a renewed zest for life.

No, this is not just another cookie-cutter mindset coaching program promising unsustainable results, but an evidence-based, multi-disciplinary method that will equip you with the tools to kick worry, self-doubt and constant overwhelm to the curb, & instill the clarity, peace and spaciousness you’ve been craving in your relationships and work for so long. 

Because let's face it, you deserve to live a life fully expressed;

One where you feel in alignment in all areas, without holding yourself back from what you’re capable of, and experience lasting improvements in the way you think, feel and act everyday.

How do I know that’s possible for you?

If I had to guess...

  • You’re a multi-faceted human being with an insatiable desire to learn, grow, and become a better version of yourself. 
  • You’re passionate about what you do and strive to make a positive difference in the world.
  • You’re a giver, a generous being that everyone can rely on when they need it.
  • You want to do work that lights you up, feels purposeful, aligned with who you want to be, and be recognized for it.
  • You long for belongingness and crave a healthy love life, and although you have always been the ‘odd one out’, you value being connected to a community that GETS you.
  • You have a unique gift you want to share with the world, and often feel like the “best kept secret” in your field.
  • You have big aspirations and desires for what you want to do with your time, and what you want to create as your legacy.


Right now, the life you portray on the outside isn’t necessarily reflected in how you feel about yourself on the inside.

You may feel stuck battling negative thoughts daily, overwhelmed with all that is expected of you, or find yourself in a perpetual state of worry and confusion about how to improve your current circumstances.

You feel at the mercy of your emotional swings, out of control of how you respond and react when you’re stressed or under pressure, and often feel like life is happening “to” you.

You may tell yourself you just need to stop procrastinating, start meditating more, pick up more books, do more journaling, but despite your efforts to self-improve, your negative thoughts and sabotaging behaviours always seem to come back.

You’re putting SO much of your time, effort and energy into tending to your family, marriage, and daily obligations that you often feel like you’re running on empty, leaving no gas in the fuel tank to be doing things for YOU

You often feel misunderstood or undervalued by those around you, causing a sense of loneliness and disconnection that you hate to admit to.

You KNOW you’re meant for more; more time, freedom, growth, influence, impact, enjoyment, bliss…but somehow you keep yourself in the shadows of playing small instead of stepping into what that ‘next level’ entails. 

And the worst part is, 

  • You have this sense of impending guilt for feeling unfulfilled, lonely, or wanting more from life; because after all, you do have a lot to be grateful for!
  • You feel like you’ve lost touch with yourself, with what you desire, and that you’re just ‘going through the motions’ of your day to day.
  • You have glimmers of what it feels like to be living for YOU, doing what you love and stepping into your full potential looks like, but you can never maintain it over long periods of time. 
  • Despite all the accomplishments and accolades you’ve checked off your list, you STILL don’t feel like you’re living the fulfilled life you were destined to live, and oftentimes feel like an imposter in your own skin.
  • You often misplace your emotions and end up lashing out at your husband, kids, or friends, causing unwanted turbulence in the relationships you cherish the most.
  • All the ‘doing’ leaves very little time to pour back into your own cup or take care of what you know your body needs, which leads to a vicious cycle that is headed you straight for burnout.

I know how hard you’ve been trying to improve these things, but every time there’s a part of you that is SO ready for a better life, it’s as if there’s an invisible force that keeps sabotaging your efforts, and creating a barrier of resistance towards any change. 

I'm willing to bet you've:

  • taken up a yoga practice
  • attended week-long retreats
  • engulfed your home with crystals
  • connected with spirit
  • meditated, read, journals your thoughts regularly
  • and maybe even have gone as far as dabbling with plant medicines…thinking you’re getting to the root of your malaise.

But to your disappointment, the impact of these practices is short-lived.

No matter what you do, the change simply doesn’t stick, and you feel like you’re continuously wanting to make changes and struggling to make them all at once.

I know this because I was there too…

For a long time, what you’re experiencing was my daily reality.

You see, like you I also looked like I had the picture perfect life from the outside, but on the inside I felt unfulfilled, lost and easily overwhelmed.
And the most frustrating part, I couldn’t seem to shake this feeling on my own, despite the ‘work’ I was doing to better myself. 

I desired a life where I would follow through with what I committed to:

where I easily accepted support in my relationships

where I felt in control of my emotions

where I wouldn't be sucked into negative spirals of debilitating anxiety, self-doubt and anger due to external triggers, and

where I wouldn’t feel so helpless throughout it all

I wanted to know HOW

I began working with various healing modalities, plant medicine, shamans, and I read a TON of self-help books, chasing every method out there to start making positive changes (like we all do!)

It wasn’t until I found life coaching that things started to shape up for me; my thoughts became clearer, my mood shifted, and I was starting to see shifts in my behaviour.

But NOT for long

Despite the seemingly good progress I had made with coaching and even becoming certified in the practice, I would at times notice old patterns creeping back in, falling back into old ways of operating, and feeling discouraged all over again. 

And this wasn’t just happening for me, but for my clients as well!

Until I discovered WHY...

You see, the life coaching that many of us receive takes a very surface level approach to instilling lasting change:

By merely addressing our thoughts and conscious processes, we’re only addressing one side of the coin; the tip of the iceberg.

Little did I know, there is a whole set of factors that affect on the unconscious level – factors that very few people know have an impact on the way we think, feel and behave. 

Once these things are tapped into, released and healed, ONLY then can we experience true, lasting change.

Only then can we finally feel grounded and anchored in ourselves, and finally:

Create a deep and lasting trust within, so that we can feel confident in making decisions quickly and effectively.

Have nurturing, harmonious relationships that fill our cups rather than drain our energy.

Have the capacity to hold steady and strong when shit gets hard, and navigate turbulent situations with calmness (and without emotional outbursts or conflict avoidance).

Set boundaries without the guilt, say what’s on our minds with conviction and compassion.

Make ourselves a priority, take the time to do what we want, and unapologetically claim the joyful lifestyle we know we deserve.

So what are these unconscious factors that unlock these super powers,

you may be wondering?

Well, after digging deeper into the science of creating lasting behavioural change, I uncovered the world of somatics and polyvagal theory—a branch of social neuroscience that addresses well-being not only from a mental perspective but from a biological standpoint.

You see, we all have traumas and experiences that have shaped our beliefs and responses throughout our lives, however little do we know that many of these experiences result in creating ‘stuck’ emotions in our bodies and nervous systems.

Remember that ‘invisible’ force mentioned earlier? Yup, that’s it. 

It’s not in your head; your state is stuck and needs to be shifted before any true change can take place.

The resistance you feel every time you try something new, everytime you try to break out of a pattern, and everytime you take a step in the right direction…

…is simply a dysregulated nervous system attempting to keep you in what’s safe and familiar, EVEN if what’s safe and familiar isn’t serving your highest good. 

This resistance is simply a learned biological defense mechanism keeping you from danger.

Which explains why all the ‘mindset shifting’, thought work and surface-level talk therapy hasn’t been able to create the lasting changes you KNOW you are capable of. 

The good news is, this can change; your nervous system can be reprogrammed and shifted into a ventral state—a state where we operate from a place of calmness, being anchored in true confidence…

And have these positive changes you’ve been trying so hard to make stick for good, by taking a systematic approach to addressing the root of your inner child wounds and self-restricting beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing peace of mind. 

→ You don’t need more mindset work, you need to integrate somatic trauma healing that helps you release the unconscious shackles keeping you stuck in these negative patterns, so you can finally feel the freedom of creating the life you desire with ease and grace ← 

This is why when I work with clients, I take an integrated, multi-faceted approach that intertwines mental, emotional, physical and spiritual modalities, including breathwork, cognitive processes, belief & narrative restructuring, somatic healing, embodiment practices, nervous system regulation, plant medicine, and much more. 

There are very few transformative programs out there that take such a comprehensive, bottom-up approach to addressing the whole being to shift into a ventral state, and not just their behavioural symptoms.

And once we shift you into a ventral state…

New habits, ways of thinking and healthy behaviours land with ease

Handling difficult situations becomes a breeze

Making progress on goals and taking action on the things you say you will do won’t deplete all your energy and willpower anymore

Speaking your mind and setting boundaries won’t feel like a challenge

You show up as your true self in relationships, without fear of judgment or rejection

Have the capacity to make the scary leaps, start/grow a business, and take the necessary steps to catapult you into your next level

You start making decisions for YOU, without needing approval or validation from others

Taking care of yourself, your health and your needs no longer seems like a luxury, but a non-negotiable

Above all, you start to experience a level of joy, connectedness and fulfillment that you never believed was possible before

This is what we do in Joyful Living, and it is possible for you too. 


Michelle has always had an ability to move me forward in life. When I was at a point in my life where I knew something had to change, I naturally turned to her for direction. Despite my best efforts at using the best excuses and anything else my brain could come up with, she would always direct me back to my thinking, even when I didn’t want to believe it. She  helped me learn how to sort out my thoughts and manage my thinking.  I would not be where I am today without her patience and skill. Her coaching has brought my life to a whole different level; I am more self-aware, able to tune in to my own wisdom, able to trust myself and my own judgments, and able to recognize when it’s time to go within to find the answers. Thank you Michelle.


 A 30 minute conversation with Michelle changed my life forever. That conversation gave me all the hope, and reassurance I needed to keep moving forward, and to finally feel that change was within reach. After speaking with her the first time, I knew she had seen me clearly. She knew EXACTLY where I was at mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I knew I had found the right coach, and my life has changed dramatically since then!

When I worked with Michelle, I had a breakthrough that I finally know that nothing wrong with me. Thanks Michelle for loving me unconditionally and supporting me through this process. I want to acknowledge how special you are and the work you do. I'm grateful!


I started my coaching session with Michelle 6 months ago. I was at rock bottom, I mean the real emotional bottom: sabotaging my marriage and complaining to friends, family and anyone that had an ear. Fast forward to all the work I did and I'm still dedicated to do, six months later, my life has changed 180 degree. I'm happy, I've changed my thoughts about my relationships not only with others but with myself. I have found self-love again like I had as a child. I've change my old from unserving beliefs to beliefs that serve me. I have tools to live a purposeful life. I've also improved my marriage which if I didn't seek out help from Michelle, it would have been over. I am forever grateful! Thanks Michelle for your teaching that I am no longer the woman who was hiding behind my all limiting beliefs.


I felt so out of control in my life. There were goals I had, and things I wanted, but it always seemed like I took 3 steps forward and then 4 steps back. This happened for years and years. I was frustrated, disappointed and had given up so many times - I thought maybe I wasn’t good enough to get what I wanted. Maybe I was dreaming too big? Maybe there was something wrong with me?  But then I met Michelle and she changed my life, my perspective, everything. Through her guidance and coaching over the last two months, (just two months!!)

I’ve managed to overcome several barriers that I had been struggling with for years and years before I met her!  Now when I take 3 steps forward, she helps me take that last step and find the way forward. I’m in a state of constantly growing and achieving things I only dreamed about before!!! I feel energized, with a new sense of purpose! She helps me believe and feel safe to achieve so much! She has a  fully holistic approach, which is the way real growth and long-term progress happens. It’s been such an incredible experience to work one-on-one with her and in a group setting, that I decided through the process to become a life coach myself. I’m so excited to join her mentorship program and cannot wait to learn from her over the next few months. Michelle inspires me -she’s got this wonderfully positive energy that lights up the room. She is kind and doesn’t judge, you can open up to her about anything. She accelerates your learning and growth so you can achieve goals you’ve always wanted. She’s an incredible person!!! If you ever feel stuck, out of control in your life, or wanting to achieve more, please contact her! Invest in yourself with her- you’re worth it and you can do it!”

In 3 months, you will experience the permanent shifts that will set you free from negative thinking, old patterns that keep you stuck getting the same results, and move you towards healthier relationships, experiencing more presence in your day to day, and following through with your goals that light your soul on fire.


I have created a signature process that takes the best and most effective concepts, tools and techniques from somatics, thought work, neuroscience and spiritual psychology, to create permanent changes in your nervous system, brain, thinking, behaviour and life.

Joyful Living consists of course material, an online video library, weekly group coaching sessions and access to an online community to maximize your experience and provide the highest level of support needed to truly embody and master the tools and teachings provided.

During our work together, you will uncover:

A deeper understanding of the role of the autonomic nervous system in how we think and feel on a daily basis.

The real reasons why setting boundaries, holding commitments, and taking risky leaps seem impossible for you, and how to break through the resistance.

How to instill desire and motivation for reaching our goals without exerting willpower.

Why we respond, react, or behave in the ways we do and how to begin gaining control over our experience.

Ways to begin replacing negative coping strategies with healthier, more effective practices.

The art of creating more time for ourselves, getting connected to who we are and prioritizing our health and well-being above all else.

Practical tools to navigate conflict, triggers, and relationships with more ease.

Somatic tools that can instantaneously shift you from overwhelm and anxiousness into a state of calm and poise.

A tested, proven framework to process emotions and overcome traumatic experiences through self-coaching (so they don’t become hardwired in your nervous system).

As a result..

Intimate relationships improve.

You feel comfortable and confident in speaking your truth and more people love you and look up to you because of it.

You are seen as an influential expert in your circle.

Relationships become easy. 

Money becomes easy.

Your life becomes easy.

And yes, it's possible for you too!

Investment on your joyful life:

  • 3 months of weekly group coaching
  • Course platform with recorded videos and worksheets
  • Library of Recorded regulation techniques
  • Facebook group

One-time payment of



3 monthly payments of


Upgrade to VIP option:

  • 3 months of weekly group coaching
  • Course platform with recorded videos and worksheets
  • Library of Recorded regulation techniques
  • Facebook group
  • 6 x 1:1 coaching calls with Michelle - personalized support, more individualized modalities such as energetic tools that will remove subconscious blocks, accelerated results 

One-time payment of



3 monthly payments of


Is this program for you?

This program isn’t for everyone—to embark on this journey you must be willing to be open and explore facets of your current way of being that may take you into unfamiliar territory, and open doors within that you never even knew existed.

Joyful Living is best designed for those who:

Want to experience a life that is predictable, spacious and fulfilling. 

Have tried all the self-help modalities available with little to no progress.

Thrive in a collaborative environment that values community and helping each other grow.

Are open and willing to explore generational and childhood trauma

Are ready to start feeling like they’re in the driver's seat of their emotions.

Desire to feel more clear, connected and grounded to all that is.

Imagine what it would feel like…

Having more capacity to do the things that light you up, without feeling guilty for it.

Being able to diffuse anxiety and kill negative thoughts right in their tracks, and having the power to shift your state from worry to centredness within minutes. 

Receiving feedback or criticism without taking it personally, but instead welcoming it as an opportunity for growth.

Not backing out of challenges or tough situations, but instead having the confidence to navigate any situation with ease. 

Being tapped into the synchronicities of life and having things always work out in your favour.

Trusting your intuition and gut feelings, knowing that your body is always guiding you in the right direction.

Being supported by a community of people who want to see you win. 

All of my clients always get what they came for—even if they didn’t know exactly what it was they wanted, they soon discovered it, and walked away with exactly what they needed.

Enroll to Joyful Living Now

  • 3 months of weekly group coaching
  • Course platform with recorded videos and worksheets
  • Library of Recorded regulation techniques
  • Facebook group

One-time payment of



3 monthly payments of


Upgrade to VIP option:

  • 3 months of weekly group coaching
  • Course platform with recorded videos and worksheets
  • Library of Recorded regulation techniques
  • Facebook group
  • 6 x 1:1 coaching calls with Michelle - personalized support, more individualized modalities such as energetic tools that will remove subconscious blocks, accelerated results 

One-time payment of



3 monthly payments of



I have been coaching with Michelle for a little over a year now, but there were noticeable changes very early on! Her compassion, intuition, and her ability to listen and connect with what she is hearing make her a super sharp and efficient coach! She has the ability to get right to the heart of the matter, swiftly, but gently.

She sees right through all the barriers our own minds make. Whenever I have felt like an issue is big and complicated, she would bring everything right back into focus, and show me that it's actually much more simple.

One thing that I deeply value about Michelle is her ability to connect with people. When I speak with her, I know she is understanding me 100%, and I know she "gets" me. 

I have had experiences in the past where the person who is trying to help (in counseling or therapy) just doesn't quite seem to understand where I'm at mentally, even when I try to further explain and help them understand. As well-meaning as they were, it made me feel even further isolated, and I believed there must be something very wrong with me. I felt like there was no help for me, because people didn't seem to understand the depth of what I was going through.

Michelle knew right away the mental battle I was experiencing, and she knew exactly how to approach it. She met me right where I was at, and guided me out of it. It still brings tears to my eyes to think of the relief I felt knowing that I wasn't alone, that someone DID understand me, and that I was going to be ok.

Even when I would spiral out again, or fall back into a pattern, she ALWAYS approached with compassion, patience, and so much genuine love and care. 

I'm so happy to be able to say, my life is unrecognizable in the best way! I have learned to have compassion for myself as I continue to work and grow.  I understand myself in such a different way now. I have changed some of the negative core beliefs I had about myself, and I find myself having so many more positive thoughts. In fact, I recently found myself thinking, " I love my life!". I never imagined I could feel so happy and whole! 

My good relationships keep getting better, and my difficult relationships are getting easier. I quit a job I hated, and started my own business. I'm back in school, training for a career that I'm truly excited about! I have gratitude in my heart, and peace in my mind.  This past year of coaching has been filled with epiphanies and revelations! Its real work, but the reward for sticking with it is priceless!

I'm now at a place in my mind where I no longer feel like I'm dealing with a big, complicated mess. Things feel manageable, and I'm now happily ironing out whatever little wrinkles come up. I now have the skills (and the practice) to navigate turbulent moments in my life.

 I have come such a long way since I started coaching with Michelle, and I'm still an eager student of this work!


I'm Michelle

I am offering a coaching program where you can be coached, learn tools and experience mindset shifts that will  transform your anxiety, self-doubt and worry to create a life filled with confidence, peace, and certainty.

This is your group. You belong here and will be supported by a community of good humans looking for a different way of being. 
You will move from self-doubt to self-trust, overcoming anxiety to have more certainty and peace in your life.

Imagine what it would be like to wake up in the morning and feel light and excited about what the day has to offer. 

To be filled with gratitude and feel deeply connected to your loved ones and know with certainty that you are living a purpose filled life.