From Chaos to Calm

Learn how to regulate your nervous system

Feeling stuck?

One of the main reasons we find ourselves stuck in our lives is because of a dysregulated nervous system and unresolved trauma.

I want to make clear that to have unresolved trauma doesn’t necessarily mean that there was a big traumatic event in your life. In fact, most of my clients have not experienced big events, but instead, smaller experiences over time. For example, if we had a parent who suffered from depression, anxiety, or were just distracted or overwhelmed by life events, and because of this, they were unable to meet our emotional or physical needs. Our systems register this as unsafe and the experience and feeling of unsafe are stored in our body.

The good news is that with somatic healing this can be resolved.

Unresolved trauma and nervous system dysregulation show up in our relationships, work, even the amount of money we make, have and spend. Our systems know how to heal, they just need to be shown the way and given the conditions necessary for that to happen.

I am inviting you to a 90 minute class where we will cover:

✓ Why we respond, react, or behave in the ways we do and how to begin gaining control over our experience

✓ Practical tools to navigate your relationships with more ease

✓ A detailed understanding of your autonomic nervous system

✓ Ways to begin replacing coping strategies with regulating resources

✓ Tangible, somatic tools to regulate your nervous system

This class will not only equip you with the tools needed to shift out of being stuck, it will also give you an introduction to in-depth work we’ll be doing together in Together Women Rising.

Together Women Rising is a 1-year coaching container filled with science-backed, somatic tools using Polyvagal Theory, Attachment Theory, Inner Child Work, Somatic Experiencing, Thought Work and so much more to help heal the past so that you feel in control of your life, gain clarity around your soul purpose and step into the life you are meant for.

Here is what robyn has to say about the program:

"This work is important. No matter where on your journey you are, it is time for this work. In a short amount of time Michelle has educated me on how my nervous system operates and how it is/was programmed. I've learned simple, yet profoundly life altering, nervous system regulation techniques that allow me to practise self care and act from my best self. That part of me who is calm, cool, curious, loving, present and collected; as Michelle shares "being in our ventral state. I am feeling grateful for this work and proud of myself for putting in the focus, sweat and tears so that my life path will beam towards the light of love, joy and acceptance. " - Robyn